There is no secret

July 13, 2022

There is no secret. There is no secret to anything you want to do, be or have. There is only the choice that you choose to make. You were born with the ability to have anything you want, but you also came with your unique set of circumstances and experiences you wanted to have, for they would allow you to evolve, for that is why you are alive.

Like so many others, you believe that if you could find that secret to success, money, or love, then your life would go well, and you would end your struggles. You can accomplish that, but there is no secret involved.

The only thing you had to do to have everything you wanted in life was to believe in yourself. You were given something that was a part of your evolutionary journey that you intended to create, manifest or heal in your lifetime, and it is before you now.

You are moving through a restructuring in your world, and everything we have given you was to aid you in this transition. Roger had to believe that he was the person to receive something of that value, and the same is true for you. You each move through periods in your life where you think you can do whatever was placed on your path, but then you also have fear and doubt, and the only secret you have sought is within you, and that is the choice you will make. That choice always comes with risk, for none of you know for sure what you might manifest in your life, but if you decide what you want it to be, you will eliminate the mystery.

We will give you a short explanation. When we gave you our work in 2012, we began on January 1 with Infinite Intelligence. That means you each have access to all the information, wisdom, and knowledge that has been developed by all souls who came before you, and your job is to allow yourself to have access to it and then add your essence to whatever you choose, and cause it to become more. Then we told you on December 31 that you are now creating your future. Little did you know then that we meant you are creating your life and the future world now.

Roger was attempting to find another name for our program now that he understands what he has. We suggested “Your Last Development Course – How to become your best self.” We used development, for that is all you are ever doing. You choose whether or not you will develop what you have been given. We offer guidance.

He, too, thought he had to have a secret and had meetings scheduled today with those who would help him get his message out. We had him cancel them because he, like you, only has to state what you have clearly, and all the right people will appear in your life.


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