You can do something now

July 1, 2024

You can do something now. Several years ago, we provided a message on this date that will serve you well today.

We have said that you and your world are moving through a restructuring of yourself and your world, and we have guided you all the way.

We will leave that message, but we also had our messenger record a video that will aid you and him. You each hide from yourselves at times, but loving yourself is the most valuable thing you can accomplish, and it is why you were born.

July 1, 2008

At times in your life, the most effective thing you can do is nothing at all.

In actuality this is never occurring, however, in your effort to experience new awareness and access your power, you must let go of your old ways of being, thinking and acting.

You have already set in place your desired goals and now you desire to experience the magnificence of your already laid plans unfoldment. Through this process, you experience the power of the Universe doing its work which was your desired goal.

There is great merit in the process of letting go. You can never fail and there are no mistakes, simply opportunities to gain more and expand.


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