You can allow yourself to become wealthy now

May 9, 2024

You can allow yourself to become wealthy now. You do so when you become willing to take the next step on your evolutionary journey into self-acceptance. 

Self-acceptance is not about judgment, but about finding peace in what we provided last year on this date and our last live conversation. It’s about realizing that you were never meant to suffer, bringing a sense of hope and relief.

May 9, 2023

You were born wealthy. If you had difficulty believing that statement or seeing evidence manifest in your life, it only means you have yet to embrace your authentic self fully.

Every soul born has access to anything in the physical world because everything is energy. You direct that energy with your thoughts when you become willing to accept yourself. You usually do so a bit at a time, so we have provided our information in segments. You need time to allow assimilation into your consciousness before it becomes manifest.

But you also come to the world with limited thinking and awareness, which you brought from your ancestors, and much of that dynamic is not usually in your conscious awareness. During this restructuring of your world, however, a new balance in wealth and income distribution was needed for your planet to ascend, which also means your role was to accept more for yourself so you might provide more for others and your future generations.

 – Wilhelm

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