Self-judgment halts your progression

May 8, 2024

Self-judgment halts your progression. That is always the case as you move through your ascension journey, for you constantly discover and own your authentic self. Yet understanding this process is far more critical now as you decided to live during a planetary restructuring.

You moved through another portal yesterday, and the message we provided a year ago on this day, along with our live conversation yesterday, will aid you in taking the next step and loving yourself even more. 

May 8, 2023

When you love yourself, your world will change. We mean both your world and the collective. It is the reason you are alive now. You effect that change energetically by how much you are willing to own who you are and accept all past experiences as building blocks to your future.

As you examine your life and world today, you will understand why we provided the message we did in 2012. You are more awakened now to interpret and accept what we gave you. The definition of integrity we wanted you to find was the one that made you feel your inherent importance and the purpose of your life experience. 

May 8, 2012

Integrity is indeed the force that guides your entire physical life experience. It would help if you studied the word’s meaning more to understand its application to your life.

You only ever experience fear or anxiety when you do not trust the integrity of your life experience. You also have difficulty with some of this process because you attempt to judge what is occurring in your life with your limited awareness.

When you notice this fact, you can use it to develop more faith and trust. This development of faith and trust in whatever occurs means you know everything works for your highest good and expansion.

 – Wilhelm

Here’s the recording.

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