You deserve even more now

April 30, 2024

You deserve even more now. We are speaking of your ascension process and asking you to continually recognize who you have become and make the difference you intended in your life and world.

April 30, 2023

You deserve more. You will decide what more might mean for you, but allowing yourself to receive it now is far more critical.

We have said you exist at a time of restructuring in your world and your life. You can receive more when you shift your thinking; for many of you, that is limited thinking you have carried for generations.

As you examine your life and world now, you will understand the message we provided in 2012 and apply it to your life.

April 30, 2012

You have formed what might be thought of as a negative connotation around the word entitlement. You would also do well to study the meaning of the word itself. Because of this belief system, you will systematically keep your desires away from you. This habit is so insidious that you do not notice it occurring.

You will notice elements arising when you experience particular guilt when you have received something you think you did not work hard enough for or feel jealousy when you see this scenario playing out in others.

You and all souls are born entitled. There is nothing you ever need to do to experience this as a reality in your life experience except to stop blocking it.


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