It is also a planetary ascension

March 29, 2024

It is also a planetary ascension. We have called it your restructuring, and it is the reason for your presence on the planet. We want you to thrive, and you will do so as you continue to raise your consciousness.

March 29, 2023 

Self-acceptance and ascension are the same goals. You each come into the physical world with gifts and talents to be developed to cause your life to become more so that you thrive, but it is up to you to accept your importance and your life journey.

You must begin to use the power of your consciousness, which you know as mindset, to elevate to the next level of your potential so you add your essence to your world. 

We want you to accept and implement the message we provided on this date ten years ago. When you embrace who you have become, you will create a different life and world. Please contemplate the following message for complete absorption. 

March 29, 2013

You have often considered your ego but have yet to examine it more deeply and gain a new understanding. When you enter the physical world, you begin to form what can be considered your ego. This formulation has already been started with or through your caregivers. Their purpose is to attempt to protect you or help you learn your way around the physical world. As you mature, you begin taking on that task by allowing an ego created by you to develop and serve as that protection.

The ego then serves to protect you from everything previously unknown to you. This process begins to foster fear of things unknown. Now you know everything you desire and who you want to become, and your innate gifts are all in the unknown. Now you can figure out the rest. 

 – Wilhelm

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