None of you knew

March 28, 2024

None of you knew. When you come to the physical plane, you have little awareness of your role, but every soul has one, and it was called for now. 

We are providing our message today in this manner because we don’t want you to judge yourself or think you should have been somewhere else by now or are questioning the events in your life. But we did know and provided you guidance every step of the way on your ascension journey.

Last year, we did a series of talks you will understand today. 

March 28, 2023

Please do your part. That part you are meant to offer to yourself and your world is your authentic self. Everything we have given you has been to have you embody who you are meant to become, especially at this time of transition in your world. Your creation and the essence of who you are is needed now.

Everything is held in consciousness, and we have provided our guide to aid you. We did so on this date ten years ago, but you will be able to hear us today. You are meant to accept yourself fully, thrive and prosper. 

March 28, 2013

You would do well to seek to begin to notice and release all the contradictions in your physical life experience. A contradiction would be having an idea or image of who you desire to become, what you want to accomplish and manifest, and then taking contrary actions or speaking contrary words, as well as becoming unwilling to do what is presented to you that you know will cause those desires to become your reality.

You may attempt to pretend that you do not notice the contradictions, but they appear to you in your moments of pure honesty. As you are engaged in this process, there will also be times when you begin to notice that some of your goals and desires have changed, which also causes those contradictions. Those changes are part of your expansion. 

 – Wilhelm

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