Please regain your power

March 26, 2024

Please regain your power. That is who you are and who you were meant to become. Your life and world are undergoing a potent change, and we have always guided you.

You will be more inspired to do so when you read the message we provided on this date several years ago and hear the session we held yesterday. 

March 26, 2018

There are times when your awareness becomes uncomfortable for you. In other words, you come to a place where you know that whatever is showing up in your experience is a result of your creation in some manner. If you were not to accept that premise, then you have no power to do anything in your life.

You had an experience and wanted to blame another, but your awareness told you that would result in giving your power to the other. Now, your awareness tells you that to change your outer experience, you must change your inner experience. 


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