You only lacked self-belief

March 25, 2024

You only lacked self-belief. We have spoken of this often, but you will understand why today. We refer to a message we provided several years ago on this date and our live conversation with you later today. 

“Seek and ye shall find”. Another interpretation of that saying is that whatever you believe is real for you will indeed be found. You create your reality through your thoughts, which are powered, if you will, by your beliefs.

If you believe that the world is scary and dangerous, you will find it so. If you believe you do not deserve what you desire, that will be the case for you.

It is important to begin examining particular results in your life experience and recognize that they show up for you because, on some level, they are following your underlying beliefs about yourself and the world in which you live. To change your results, seek to change your beliefs.


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