Eventually, you believe in yourself

March 20, 2024

Eventually, you believe in yourself. We are providing a message you might have missed a year ago today as our messenger neglected to place it on the website. Yet, as we said yesterday, there are no mistakes in your life or world; it is merely a progression of consciousness you come to accept. You don’t forget anything in human existence; you undergo a process of remembering. 

March 20, 2023

Everyone wants the same thing. When you come into physical existence, you are given something to develop, create or build that will improve your life and offer something to the world.

You exist in the world now during a time of significant change, and everything we have given you is to enable you to achieve the goal everyone wants. Nothing happens accidentally in your life, and we have provided you messages on corresponding dates to help you remember your journey and its importance. Today is no different.

But we also went further to impress more of you with this information, so we began our live question-and-answer series yesterday. As you read the message from ten years ago and listen to the recording, your intention and ours will be apparent.

March 20, 2013

You experience complete freedom when you no longer need anything or anyone outside of yourself to validate who you are. You often think you are held back in your physical life experience because of past hurts or disappointments, which foster a type of fear. But in actuality, it is more of what you think others may think or judge what you do.

You are always your best teacher, meaning you gain wisdom and knowledge through your experiences and not merely anything you learned intellectually. When you

You can entirely rely upon the knowledge and wisdom gained from your experiences, and without regard to others’ opinions, you soar in your freedom.


You can hear the session here.

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