You could have the life and world that you want

March 19, 2024

You could have the life and world that you want. We say that you could have that because it is a decision that you each will make. That decision will be whether you choose to love who you have become, let go of what was old, and embrace what is new, which is why you are alive now and experiencing the restructuring of your world.

We have given you all the information that could cause you to live this magnificent life, heal everything in your physical experience now, and even those ideas and beliefs that have held you back that you brought with you from your ancestors. The only difficulty is believing that you have the ability and power to accomplish that, but we assure you that you do.

We had our messenger skip over a message we had given you yesterday that said your divine plan is before you because we knew it was before each of you now. Still, that trust that is lacking within each of you was demonstrated within our messenger because he skipped over that message and did not use the particular conversation that we wanted you all to hear. 

He felt he had made a mistake, but we are saying he did not, and neither have you because today is the 19th, and the message in the recording we gave you was on the 19th of the Year 2022. We have always used dates because humans need chronological dates to keep track of your progression, as we explained in that particular session. Still, listening to it today will make much more sense to you, and you will be inspired to live the life you want to have and begin manifesting the world you all want to experience. You’re welcome


Here is that recording.

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