You still can heal all conflicts

March 2, 2024

You still can heal all conflicts. We said still for it is the same message we provided on this date a year ago. It is not to offer judgment but to encourage you to continue healing your internal conflicts, which means remembering and owning who you have become. You are not the same as last year. 

March 2, 2023

You can heal all conflicts. We mean the ones that exist with you and your world, for they are the same. When you decide to own who you are through your evolutionary process, you will resolve your internal conflict of thinking what you have to offer isn’t enough or that somehow you are inadequate. Those beliefs are in direct contradiction with the nature of you as an all-powerful being.

We provided guidance ten years ago, but you have evolved enough to understand and implement it.

March 2, 2013

You only experience internal emotional conflict when attempting to go in two different directions simultaneously. You do this by holding particular thoughts and ideas about what you desire in your life and who you desire to be, and then you take adverse actions or speak words conflicting with your initial intentions.

You are the one who created the conflict, and you are the only one who can resolve it. First, you resolve it by not attempting to pretend the conflict does not exist and then becoming willing to make new choices. The choices usually involve letting go of something so that you may have the other. 

It is impossible for you to continually hold in those conflicts, so to speak, and not have them create chaos in your life experience.  

– Wilhelm

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