Shame and embarrassment are gifts

March 1, 2024

Shame and embarrassment are gifts. While they may not have felt that way to you when you are feeling or experiencing them, we can assure you they are a natural part of your ascension, which you could not accomplish without your recognition of those feelings, which makes them gifts for you.

Anything you are ashamed of or embarrassed by indicates your lack of understanding of your experiences and the value they held for your progression. But this time in your life and world, which we have called your restructuring, will bring these qualities to your awareness individually and collectively.

When you embrace and recognize yours and begin the practice of self-forgiveness, you also embrace more self-love. In that action, you have caused your expansion to accelerate, and you have aided the planetary ascension.

There was never a need or reason for you to hold any shame or embarrassment about who you are, and now is the best time in your life and that of your world for you to own who you have become. This process will aid you even more now as you understand it and accept your valuable role on your planet. 

– Wilhelm

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