Self-doubt will be your only obstacle

February 25, 2024

Self-doubt will be your only obstacle. You might view that doubt as a problem, but we see it as your gift. Once you embrace it, you take another step into higher consciousness on your ascension journey.

We provided a message on this date a year ago that you will better understand today. When you make yourself the most important person in the world, you give that freedom to others and your life, and the restructuring of your world evolves. 

February 25, 2023

No one is more important than you. Every message we have given you was to aid you in coming to that understanding. When you do so, you will thrive, prosper, and make the intended contribution.

February 25, 2020

Eventually, you awaken to who you are. This message is meant for every person without exception. None of you were born without purpose and intention, but you can ignore what they may be. Today, we will prove this by using Roger as an example. This morning, we told him to find a message, “Nothing is ever hidden.” We will place it here.

September 1, 2018

Nothing is ever hidden from you, but you and most others attempt to play a game of hide and seek, which you never win. Now, you want to contribute to others, and all that is, through the stories of your life, and you can do so here.

You had an intention of who you wanted to be in your life when you were born but continually doubted that was possible, so you allowed challenging situations to show up to aid you. That sentence may not make sense, but that is what you did.

You made the unknown fearful so that you will never approach it, and then you believe you have won the game because what you were seeking was not found.

You will overcome this dilemma by embracing the unknown and becoming willing to jump into it, and then you will win.

– Wilhelm

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