You have infinite intelligence

February 24, 2024

You have infinite intelligence. That is the one statement we wanted more of you to accept and the message we provided on this date in 2012 will aid you.

You do not exist at this time in your life or world randomly. You will understand and hopefully accept more of that statement during our live conversation with you today on your full moon. Your potential is unlimited. 

February 24, 2012

Infinite intelligence is ever-present and all-encompassing; all you need to do is become willing to access it. When you hold this belief, you will notice all manner of information flowing to you quickly and effortlessly, precisely at the moments it will serve you.

The more you believe in the concept, the more you will receive in return. All information, knowledge, and wisdom are readily available, exist, and are a natural part of your being. 

As you relax into this awareness, you can create the magnificent projects you always intended. Your talent and ability is boundless when you believe it to be so.


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