Self-acceptance ends suffering

February 11, 2024

Self-acceptance ends suffering. That statement is true in your physical life experience and your world. You each come to the physical plane at a time that serves your evolution and the planet.

Please take your time with what we are about to give you because regret or self-judgment is what our messenger is experiencing because he wishes he had accepted himself sooner and possibly wouldn’t be suffering now.

That thinking is not ascension, which is what you each came to experience. Suffering occurs in human thinking, and raising your consciousness changes that. 

February 11, 2023

The struggle will be evident, but suffering is optional. You came to the world during a time of restructuring, and you came with something to offer that would aid your evolution and that of your world when you embrace who you are and who you have become.

It is a generational shift, so many of you are struggling to release old patterns that no longer serve you or your world. You have something within you waiting to be actualized, and when you refuse to do so, it is the only time you struggle. 

– Wilhelm

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