Your pathway to success

February 10, 2024

Your pathway to success. You each pave that as you discover and accept who you have become. You can call it ascension, personal development, or self-actualization, but they all lead you to the same place, which is self-acceptance.

You use linear time to accomplish that goal, but we do not. When you view the message we provided a year ago, you will take another step on your ascension journey today.

February 10, 2023

Please stop denying who you are. We know it is you, or you would not be reading our words, for you have never been in an accidental place. You came to the world to fulfill a purpose within you, and when you own who you are, that purpose will be fulfilled, and you will aid in restructuring your world.

You each were given something to offer that is unique to you, which caused many of you to doubt who you are and what you might accomplish. We have said this transition in your world is as energetic as it always is. Still, now it is more dynamic and purposeful for you are here to usher in a new world, as we have often said.

Today is when we wanted more of you to recognize this fact, as there is a galactic shift today that could use the love and light you came to offer, which occurs when you own your purpose.

It is each of you; the first person we began with was Roger. He finally admitted we had given him an ascension guide to aid you in remembering your purpose and that we did so on specific dates to reinforce the idea that you each were given a divine plan to follow. When you do, the life and world you want will manifest. Today is far from an exception.


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