You have never failed

January 16, 2024

You have never failed. If you are reading our words, you are still alive, so failure is impossible. 

Reviewing your life and world today, the message we provided four years ago will illuminate your soul. 

January 16, 2020

There is only one form of failure that ever occurs. It took a while for Roger to find the correct words to deliver this message. Partly because he, like many of you, has feared examining the concept of failure. But Roger does it because he knows that if he writes it, he can no longer ignore our urging. 

First of all, we have always said that failure does not exist. However, you will have experiences of failure, and those are feelings and emotions. Those experiences are not tangible. As we have also said, emotions alert you to your behaviors, thoughts, and actions. And the uncomfortable ones are to point out where and when you are limiting yourself. 

You each know what that thing in front of is you desire to do, and each time you fail to move in that direction, you have an experience of failure. Now decide if you want to stay there. 


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