You could liberate yourself today

January 13, 2024

You could liberate yourself today. You have awakened more on your journey and can accept the message we provided four years ago on this date. 

January 13, 2020

Public humiliation is liberating. We must give credit for that line to the actor Joaquin Phoenix. Roger watched an interview with him yesterday that was indeed liberating.

Joaquin decided to embody a fake personality a few years ago, all to create a film. Most thought he had completely lost his mind, and the movie did poorly. When asked why he did it and what value he received, he said he became a better actor, and he discovered public humiliation is liberating. 

It is also the answer many of you have been seeking. Roger also saw Gary Clark, Jr., considered one of the finest guitarists of your time. Gary said he would never say that to anyone when he was younger, as they might have thought he was crazy. You all do that one, also. 

Here is what you are to take away from this message. You have been hearing guidance and direction in your life as to what you should do, and you have been ignoring it because others might think you are crazy, like Joaquin and Gary. Please be that. Also, Joaquin happened to win the Critic’s Choice award for best actor last night. 


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