You are closer to living your life purpose today

January 12, 2024

You are closer to living your life purpose today. We are referring to our live conversation yesterday and the message we provided on this date in 2012.

You are in a continual state of evolution, individually and collectively. You were never lost. You awaken to who you intended to become.  

January 12, 2012

Seek to know the purpose behind all that you do. You decided to come onto the physical plane so that you might use all things physical to facilitate your expansion.

Everything then that you do physically is to further that goal. You often act mindlessly, if you will, with no clear vision or understanding of the purpose behind what you do during your waking hours.

This purpose is never hidden from you, but you may choose not to allow that particular purpose into your awareness. All it takes is a moment of clarity, orchestrated by you, to allow that purpose to be revealed before you act. When you consciously utilize this process, you will be much more effective on your journey.


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