Success and peace are still the same

December 11, 2023

Success and peace are still the same. While we refer to a message we provided two years ago on this date, it is also the same throughout eternity. 

When you incarnate into physical form, you achieve both goals the same way, and that is within you. You accomplish that goal and experience both in your life and the world when you love and accept yourself. Peace is always the result.

You use linear time to accomplish both, but we do not and will not do so tomorrow when we have our live conversation with you, for there is a grand opportunity for you to achieve mastery in your life.

December 11, 2021

Success and peace are the same. You came into the world with a plan to become successful somehow. You chose specific times during your evolutionary journey to be alive so you might expand and evolve. Your world’s current conditions are the ones you desired because the chaos of it would inspire you to remember who you are, move in that direction, and reach a state of internal peace.

We have given you the visible portion of Roger’s story, which we spoke of yesterday during our live talk. At the end of the session, one attendee mentioned that it felt as if the conversation were for Roger and he should listen. As you know, Roger is not fully conscious of our information, but he took the advice and listened. 

It was more uncomfortable for him at first because he recognized that he had more ability and talent than he had been willing to acknowledge. The same is true for you, or there would have been no reason for your birth.


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