You never reach your potential

December 10, 2023

You never reach your potential. That statement is meant to be one of the most hopeful you will ever read and one we would like you to accept. 

You are born an unlimited being with infinite potential as long as you are in physical form. You continually access new dimensions of yourself, and you do so by raising your consciousness, which we call ascension. It is the same for you and your world.

The message we provided on this date in 2012 will aid you now. Your gifts are being placed in front of you and never behind. 

December 10, 2012

Your best is yet to come, and you would do well to remind yourself of this fact often so that you continue to be motivated to allow it to manifest. 

Allowing it to manifest is an essential element when you decide to use it, for any time you begin to think you need force or make those manifestations occur, you inhibit your progress, for you are continually affirming there is something you do not possess now.

You possess your full potential at all times, but you also knew that the most excellent way to become the person you desire is to delve into the expansion process and enjoy every moment. There is no finish line, merely eternity.  


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