Now, you can move forward

November 28, 2023

Now, you can move forward. We are speaking of your evolutionary process and your planet’s ascension. That is why you are alive. You intended to thrive and prosper, and after our conversation with you yesterday, we think more of you are ready to grab the mantle given to you and create the life and world you want.

As you listen to the replay of that session and consider the message we provided in 2012, you will gain clarity, purpose, and courage to be who you intended. 

November 28, 2012

You are always moving forward, and it is not possible for it to be any other way. Subjective words are being used here so that you might place the concept in more physical terms. Forward, means that you are continually expanding. Even when facing particular challenges or difficulties, they also cause that expansion, so you are moving forward.

You do come to recognize this many times after those difficulties have passed, but you would also do well to try and remember the premise of this concept as you are in those times. 

You attempt to measure your progress, or moving forward, in terms of physical things, including what you possess, but expansion only occurs spiritually.


Here is the Replay from Monday’s Wilhelm Session
How to Change Your Life & World – from Wilhelm
Watch The Replay Here

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