Here’s the next step on your ascension journey

November 27, 2023

Here’s the next step on your ascension journey. We have used this date since 2012 to bring you to our live conversation today. You will become more of yourself. 

We have given you an ascension guide and used linear time, for that is how you and your world evolve. As you read through each message, you will better understand your life and planet today and our conversation. 

You were born to thrive, and as you become more of yourself, so will your world. 

November 27, 2012

You can only ever take one step at a time. That caution is to help you remember that to manifest, create, or be the person you desire to become, the most effective way is to stay in your moment of now and take the next step, which is always the one in front of you. 

Many times, you are focused on the result of whatever it is you desire to do or accomplish, and that mindset can cause you to keep that thing from you because you are continually affirming you are not there yet or have not achieved that goal; and because you have placed that energy there, that will become your present moment reality. 

November 27, 2013

You can’t be who you were then, now. That statement will require a bit of contemplation on your part, but some explanation with subjective words should help.

It is often difficult for you to appreciate who you are now because you have also developed a habit of measuring things, especially yourself, in physical terms rather than spiritual. 

In other words, you may judge your body now and how it has changed; you may think of your past challenges and difficulties and feel that you somehow failed; or you may consider how much physical stuff you have and believe that is some measure of who you are.

Everything that has happened to you that you have been through and experienced is a gift you have given to yourself that has caused you to be a more evolved spiritual being. Celebrate that.

November 27, 2014

The one thing you can be grateful for that can change your physical life experience and your world is being thankful for being you.

When your world offers you distractions and chaos, you can change your experience of all that by deciding to be grateful for being you.

While you may think that being grateful for your physical stuff matters, what causes you to have more “stuff” is to be thankful for yourself, this process forces you to expand and become more, and from that vantage point, you can implement change not only in your life but in your world.

Be grateful for all those in your life, but most of all for being you.

November 27, 2015

Yes, indeed, there is a purpose to your anger experience, which is to motivate you to change. Now, you never find that purpose if you think that your experience of anger is due to someone else or anything else outside of yourself.

You may argue that you are justified to have your experience of anger, which is also true. Still, if you fail to find the cause of your experience, you can never make those desired changes, become a victim in your own life, and halt your own expansion.

You have become frustrated when you observe what could be considered mob mentality or behavior because groups of people have failed to find what they can do to change their experience of anger; well, the same is true for you.

November 27, 2016

This story will help you better understand some of your previous behaviors and also the limitations you have placed on yourself. Last night, you made a decision or choice of what you desired to do and then immediately had an experience of overwhelming guilt. This behavior is the type of guilt you know is artificial, meaning it serves no useful purpose. 

You experience guilt because you do not feel entitled to your choices. This behavior has been a pattern of yours. You also would do well to study the definition of entitled and entitlement because you and your society have placed what could be called a negative connotation on those words.

The fact is you and all others were born entitled, and yet you do not claim that birthright. Change this.

November 27, 2017

As you move through your life, you will encounter all manner of experiences. You then classify those experiences as good or bad, depending on how you feel.

You will then begin to assign credit for the creation of those experiences. Then, most times inadvertently, you attribute credit for the good experiences to something outside of you, but for the bad experiences, somehow, you accept responsibility for their manifestation. 

You would do well now to acknowledge that you allow all of the experiences because this is your life. Then, if you were to take credit for the good experiences and focus on them, you would create or allow more.  

November 27, 2018

 Stop believing in accidents! Yes, we wanted the exclamation point to indicate we are yelling at you and all others. Your recent discoveries will help all others.

You questioned why you seemed to be discovering more and more of your talents and abilities and asked why you hadn’t seen it before. The answer to that question for all of you is because you have come to believe in accidents. You form this belief when you encounter something you can’t explain.

So now, because you developed this habit, you doubt anything that comes to you that seems natural, inherent to you, or in some way a gift. You never come to access the miracle that is you if you also believe it is accidental. 

November 27, 2019

Your idea will change the world. Yes, you. We are speaking to every soul, for that statement is valid for all.

Every word we use is intentional. If you had difficulty accepting any aspect of this subject, you have uncovered your problem in manifesting your desired life. 

First of all, we said it would change and not it could change. You each have interpreted the word change to mean something majestic, so imagining that little ole you could have such an effect becomes challenging. 

Change merely means that you add something to the world that facilitates evolution. You accomplished that goal when you were born because you were a new and unique individual. That in and of itself is an idea you offered. 

Roger has agreed to throw himself under the bus for your benefit. He thought you would appreciate that reference. Yesterday, we gave him an idea that Roger felt could help many, including himself. Then, he immediately began to doubt that what he uncovered could be of any value, for if it were, it would have already been done. Does that sound familiar?

To make matters worse, Roger had operated in this manner even when he received evidence of the value of something he might have done. To prove the point, several people sent him messages yesterday to thank him for his words that had made a difference for them. His words then changed the world, and so will yours when you own them. 

November 27, 2020

Now, you can become more of yourself. As we have said, you are moving through a restructuring within yourself, which is then manifested in your world. Please decide now to accept your significance in this process. Until now, you have found it challenging to do so.

We can make general pronouncements here, for we know you are all one, and what is felt by one is regarded by many. You each are born with intentions you want to live. But because you also fear the unknown, you don’t easily trust the guidance you have been given, and yes, it has always been there, but you, like Roger, have pretended not to hear it.

This morning, we told Roger to search our messages for hide and seek. You might do that as well, and you will see several messages over decades telling him who he wanted to be, and Roger continually hid, as you might have done. The good news is that was the plan precisely.

Then, you will provide yourself with events such as holidays, meetings with family, and, yes, pandemics to cause you to see. It was no collective accident you decided to make it twenty-twenty.

You might be experiencing some stress, fear, or uncertainty now, but you will now also call on more of your innate abilities to solve the problem and evolve. You will do it in your own way, but we will give you one story today to stir your imagination. 

During a conversation with the family yesterday, Roger recognized that he had used one family member to explain why he has been unable to own what he feels he is meant to do in this life. That scenario is never factual in your life, but if you blame someone else for your lack of progression, you can let yourself off the hook, you think. That is the hiding of which we spoke.

Last night, we had Roger see a show about a young Yogi who came from a troubled life and decided to turn it around, inspire others, and reach a large audience. Roger thought that was what he wanted but would not allow himself to believe that was attainable. This morning, we led Roger to a video of someone speaking of automatic writing and describing the process in detail that we would have given. That encounter provided Roger with more proof, which you all require before you believe in yourself.

We know that the last few days have caused you to shift, so please notice how and decide that you can now become more of yourself. Be patient, but remember, you will be fine. 

November 27, 2021

You will better understand your choice. We are giving you the answer now to the question many of you have had recently about your life and that of your world. You decided to be here now for an important reason and have never made an accidental choice. Your choice to be here now and every experience you have had so far was intentional.

We said you would better understand because you are never finished, as you are eternal spiritual beings. Even if you slightly accept that statement, the explanation we will offer in our live call today will explain more. That should provide you with more comfort and a sense of pride and confidence, for you decided to take on an important task, which is the one you only slightly allowed yourself to believe.

Our conversations have all been to help you move through more of your fear and doubt, but you will also understand that we are only awakening you to what you have known yourself. You came to move through your self-doubt, self-judgment, and thoughts of insignificance. And you did all that because you volunteered to have your life experiences, so you might decide to own yourself more, for it was what you wanted to achieve. 

You knew that if you did so at this time, not only would you evolve exponentially, but so would your world. You chose to restructure your world, for it would significantly impact your evolutionary journey, which is why you chose now. We will explain how to move forward now as we did in 2012, and you all will be fine.

November 27, 2022

Now, take the next step. You have moved into the next version of yourself due to your planetary ascension. You intended to live a great life, and now you have that opportunity when you accept who you have become.

Even though we provided the following message in 2012, you might believe what we offered then today, for you might feel that impetus to get on with the next version of yourself. Please be patient with yourself and others, for none of you have taken these steps.

November 27, 2012

You can only ever take one step at a time. That warning is to help you remember that to manifest, create, or be the person you desire to become, the most effective way is to stay in your moment of now and take the next step, which is always the one in front of you.

You are often focused on the result of whatever you desire to do or accomplish. That mindset can cause you to keep that thing from you because you are continually affirming you are not there yet or have not achieved that goal, and because you have placed that energy there, that will become your present moment reality. 

– Wilhelm

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One thought on “Here’s the next step on your ascension journey

  1. Wilhelm is brilliant. this whole page was very nourishing for me. Not only did I now find out why I’m holding back on my future dreams, but also came to realization about a phrase that has been going around forever. Basically Wilhelm says that we each did not come here by accident and that we ALL have something of ourselves to offer the World. I remember a phrase that probably was started by the overlords of this planet that “everyone is replaceable”. that also made everyone disposable. that is probably why so many relationships dissolved, children and pets abandoned and well you get the msg. I feel so much better now about myself. Thank you Roger & Wilhelm.

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