You are much more valuable today

October 30, 2023

You are much more valuable today. Every soul is born with inherent worth and value, but you use your physical life experience continually to come to that realization. That was your life purpose.

We provided a message on this date ten years ago as we have been guiding you through the restructuring of your life and world. As you view your life and world today, you will be more inclined to embody the information we gave you then.

October 30, 2013

The value of anything in the physical world is only an illusion made up by the one who perceives that value. This means that you are constantly placing value on certain things, including yourself as well as other people. You do this, and every soul does this. There is no right or wrong in placing a value, for it only matters to you in how you place value on anything that affects your personal life experience.

All of this is meant to alert you that the value you experience about who you are has been made up and placed there by you. Now, with this idea in mind, it would behoove you to decide to put the highest value on who you are right now.


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