The experience of joy will help you

October 29, 2023

The experience of joy will help you. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring in your life and world. To live the life you intended and evolve individually and collectively, you will have all manner of experiences in your life and the world you are experiencing now.

We held a live conversation yesterday for your full moon.

When our messenger listened to the recording, which you all will hear later, he began to judge himself because he was too happy and thought many of you would not understand how he could feel that way as you are viewing your lives and world. 

We provided a message three years ago that will make sense today.

October 29, 2020

You will become more selfless. When Roger awakened this morning, we had him search for the definition of selfless, and when this occurs, Roger knows it is because he is ignoring something right before him, as most of you do. We will indeed explain.

Yesterday, Roger held the final meeting of the four-week series on empowerment. During that session, he continually pointed out to his clients their reluctance to acknowledge their accomplishments, and he was doing the same thing. 

The webinar went wonderfully, and Roger knew he was doing the work he was meant to do, and it was a feeling of complete fulfillment. He was so fulfilled within himself that the idea that he had to get anything from others was non-existent, which was a new space for him. 

You each were born to accomplish your goal of evolvement that would naturally cause the evolvement of all, for you are one. The challenge you have is accepting all of you. When you do, you become more selfless, a natural result of evolution. 

Please study this message, for it will aid you over the next several months of your continual individual and collective resistance to change. But again, that is also a part of evolution. Remember, you will be fine. 


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