You will accept yourself more

March 13, 2022

You will accept yourself more. That is the reason you decided to be alive now. While we understand some of you may not relate to the idea of self-determination and that you chose when you decided to be born and what experiences you desired to have, you might find it helpful to entertain our concept at this time in your life and world. 

Yesterday we told you you were perfect, and as we said, that is a human term. Still, you have oppositely thought of yourself. That is why your importance in the world is valuable now. You are here to help usher in your new world, as we have mentioned, but that can only occur when you decide to accept the gifts that you either failed to recognize, believed did not exist, or you have spent years denying that you possessed them.

We told you in 2012 on this day how you could utilize this time in your life and world, and the only difficulty you have had is in self-belief, but that is why you stumbled upon us, and we will continue to help, and you will be fine. 

March 13, 2012
Your gift is unique, valuable, and priceless and can only be offered by you. In other words, each and every soul comes onto the physical plane with something to offer or contribute to all that is. It then becomes imperative for you to recognize and own your own unique gift before others can feel and accept it.

The process of expansion is you coming to know and recognize this first. This is never anything that takes on a form of boastfulness or bragging, if you will, for that is an indication that your own acceptance has yet to occur. When you can sit comfortably in the knowingness of your gift, you are making the contribution you intended. 


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