You are perfect

March 12, 2022

You are perfect. We have just given you our entire philosophy, and it is the reason you ever stumbled upon our words. You have held ideas about your imperfection, but you are alive now during this restructuring, so you might release the old beliefs you held about yourself to add your perfect essence to the world now.

You each come into the world to fulfill your goal of expansion. It is individual and personal to you. That is why we used the word perfect, for it is a human term, and its meaning is only relevant to how you have interpreted it. Please re-read this paragraph often as it will help you change your thinking; that is how we designed our program. 

We are giving Roger so much information that will be helpful to you all in the next few days, but we will do it stages again. We will begin with your disbelief in yourself. Your belief is needed more now, which is why we introduced the idea of quantum physics for the more of you who understand the concept; it will hasten the evolvement of your world at this time. We mentioned Dr. Bruce Lipton previously because his work is more aligned with ours. 

But for now, we will give you this story, and you will interpret it through your life experiences. In 1987 your world moved through another significant shift that involved all people and galaxies, but you would not have necessarily been aware of those occurrences as many of you are not aware now. We pointed out that Roger ignored it. 
In 1988, his life was moving through another significant change initiated by the previous year. He did not understand that aspect until now. Roger had decided to begin communicating with us because he needed help as he was moving through the unknown in his life as you are now. His disbelief has been enormous.

We don’t want this to be a book, so we will give you this to indicate the lack of belief he and you have held. When Roger awakened today, he was somewhat distracted and wasn’t clear of what he would present, and we said look at what we gave you on this date in 2012. His resistance raised its head again, but he did look, and we will place it here. Please know that we gave it to him and, more specifically, you for this day. You will be fine. 

March 12, 2012
The process of clearing out can be incredibly therapeutic and cleansing, causing you to experience a sense of renewal as you continue on your physical life journey. You may also think of the process of clearing out as letting go of the past, releasing outdated attachments to physical things, as well as an acknowledgment of your very own abundance.

This is also why the process of donating things of a physical nature is healing, for it causes you to acknowledge your own abundance. Letting go can occur in a number of ways, and each time you find a new one, you also experience that sense of renewal. You always intended to continue to have new adventures and experiences, and clearing out makes room for the new. 


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