Judgment will be your greatest challenge

October 5, 2023

Judgment will be your greatest challenge. When you are born onto the physical plane, you are provided a divine plan to follow that is unique and meaningful. But you also have limited awareness or consciousness, and some of your choices and actions may not have provided you with the results you believed you desired.

The other part of the puzzle is you were also part of the divine plan for your world so whatever you might have experienced that did not serve your goal of expansion was also meant to alert you to that fact. But your first reaction might have been one of self-judgment. When you invoke those thoughts and beliefs, you halt your expansion and that of your world.

We have said you are moving through a restructuring. The next several months might bring challenges, but when you decide to love who you are and fulfill your divine mission, you will experience a different life and world. We gave a message ten years ago that you can utilize today.

October 5, 2013

The tool of reflection exists in your physical world so that you might use it for your expansion. In other words, what you feel and experience in your outside or external world reflects what you are feeling and experiencing in your internal world or your thoughts and beliefs.

One of the most effective for you to use is the experience of judgment. When you feel that others are judging you in some manner, it reflects your judgment about yourself. If this were not the case, you would never feel that judgment from those others.

You can decide at any moment to use this process of reflection to make changes and choices that further your expansion. You will accomplish this when you give up blaming others for your experience.


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