Your wisdom will change the world

October 4, 2023

Your wisdom will change the world. We know that is you or would not be reading our words. We have said you exist at a time of restructuring of your evolutionary journey and planetary ascension. The wisdom you hold has come from everything you have lived. Your only challenge is recognizing and then owning what you have accomplished. 

Everything in your world is manifested by energy and consciousness, and all souls have access to both, but you must decide to remember yours. That is your connection to the source or all that is. 

We provided a message ten years ago that will aid your memory now. Loving who you have become and becoming willing to release your self-judgment has never been more critical in your life and the ascension of your planet. 

October 4, 2013

What you know now is valuable to so many others. This simple concept can exponentially propel your expansion when you decide to acknowledge, accept, and then use what you know now to help others.

Every soul has this ability simply because they have been on the physical plane and have had experiences. Experiences are what cause you and all others to gain knowledge and wisdom. That knowledge and wisdom, when it is shared, is what causes evolution. This evolution not only occurs within you but affects all that is.

Many times, you have difficulty realizing what you do know because you are in the process of gaining even more wisdom and knowledge as you intended. And also, because of your habit of comparing yourself to others who may know more in certain other areas, you begin to think you are inadequate.

Now, you can return to recognizing that what you know is valuable to many others.


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