Your birth was essential

October 1, 2023

Your birth was essential. We provided a message three years ago on this date, and as you examine your life and world now, you will assess if you have discovered how necessary your life is to the evolvement of all that is. Here is a portion. 

October 1, 2020

Your birth, this time, is almost complete. We know that most do not accept or understand our references entirely to your many lives or the eternal nature of your being, but we will still offer this wisdom as unbeknownst to you at this time; it will help you.

As we have said, you are moving through a mass restructuring of your world, and the United States is leading the way. You each are restructuring yourselves, and you will know how well you might be proceeding by how you feel. We will tie this together with Roger’s story, which is only meant to guide you to uncover yours.

On February 1 of this year, we gave Roger one of our cryptic messages, which he has not visited recently, and we told him not to do so but to place it at the end of this message, for it will be far more impactful (at least to him). This morning, when Roger awakened, we had him pay attention to that date and noticed that it would have been nine months in November. That is the typical time of human gestation. We thought that “coincidence” would be fun. Again, we want you to understand you are not living an accidental life.

With every birth you’ve experienced, you feared your emergence into the world and your visibility. You felt far safer hidden in the womb. Your world’s conditions will no longer allow you to do this, for you want to evolve as does the world, and you are all one. 

February 1, 2020

Welcome to your new life. We gave Roger those words several days ago, and he thought they were only to be used for his new program, but it was actually for use on the new him. You each have the potential to create your new life every day, and the only reason you don’t is that it is uncomfortable for you, and you acquiesce to fear.

You can choose love. You do that when you remember your importance. 


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