You will accept yourself more now

September 30, 2023

You will accept yourself more now. It is a gradual process for all and never ends because you are eternal spiritual beings. But you had an important role this time, and when you activate more of your internal strength, wisdom, and power, you will utilize the message we provided three years ago to benefit yourself and your world. 

September 30, 2020

You are your government that must change. We must tell you this is not the message Roger expected to receive, and it is one of the most difficult. But because Roger has accepted, although always reluctantly, his role in this lifetime, he slips back into denial, as you have. 

While it never really works, denial will only last for so long, and then the jig is up when you believe it is. We had to lighten the mood; now, reread that sentence for greater understanding. 

We told you your world is moving through a massive restructuring emanating from the United States, but it must begin with you. Somehow, Roger thought he might be exempt from this process, but none of you are, which is why you are alive now. You can either accept the opportunity you’ve been granted in this lifetime to evolve or remain miserable and do it again. Now you see the choice Roger has before him.

Roger struggled with his role of being love but not giving it to himself first. Roger thought his meekness was weakness, and it was the opposite, but it was not needed fully until now. Roger has decided to change how he has governed himself and accept his abundance. We are not kidding with that statement; more of you will have this experience.

The challenges you all experience with lack of anything in your lives are born from you not accepting your path, guidance, and role. When you are quiet, you will hear it; if you attempt to blame another, you will not. 


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