Ask for more

September 5, 2023

Ask for more. That is a shift that you make in your consciousness. We provided a message on this date several years ago when your planet was moving through portions of the restructuring you are having now.

Asking for more also means that you stop denying who you are and become willing to accept. That action will cause the most incredible evolution in your life and planet.

September 5, 2008

You never intended to have to fight or struggle for anything you desired to create in your life experience.

Before you came forth in physical form, you knew this information; however, you learned limitations in living your physical life.

All you ever need to do is decide what you desire to create, do just that, and surrender the results. Surrender for you means that you know the most beneficial, the most joyful way of manifesting your desires is handled by the Universe.

Always ask for more, for that is what you truly intended. Your limited experience and perception would have you settle for less.

Simply know that your birthright is to expand and evolve, and that is always provided.


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