Choose love again

September 4, 2023

Choose love again. As you move through your physical life experience, your only choices are love or fear. When you choose love, you are choosing yourself. When you choose fear, you refuse to accept the person you have become in this life and the person you were meant to become, which is your authentic self.

You evolve in your life and world spiritually. You use your life experience to accomplish both goals, and you exist now during the restructuring of your planet, so your acceptance of yourself and loving who you are has never been more vital.

You may fear change in yourself and the world, but we gave you a message ten years ago that will aid you today. Please release your past and embrace your future.

September 4, 2013

While you have long been aware that even the notion of change can cause you to experience emotional upset, you would now do well to recognize that the type of change that causes you to experience the most distress is inner change. Inner change becomes necessary and inevitable if your goal is expansion.

A part of you has built a false sense of security and safety by resisting change, for you know that if you allow that change to occur, it leads you to some unknown territory, and the unknown is what you have feared most.

With this information, your wisdom and knowledge would direct you to embrace that inner change wholeheartedly. Now you understand the saying, face the fear and do it anyway.


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