You are ready for a happy cycle

September 1, 2023

You are ready for a happy cycle. You are the one who will cause that to occur when you embrace who you are and who you have become. The energy of love you will evoke in your life and world will aid in your ascension and that of your planet.

You grow in awareness in your consciousness over time. We provided a message ten years ago that will make more sense today as you have experienced events in your life and world. The solution to all of it is within you, and you are the one who will decide to love yourself now, and that will manifest that happy cycle for all that is. 

September 1, 2013

Your entire physical life experience comprises what you might think of as cycles. They are purposeful and meaningful and essential for you to expand continually. 

The one cycle that has given you the most difficulty is the one of rest and reflection. At times, this cycle can be bothersome because it can also come with an accompanying emotional feeling of depression or lethargy. 

However, this period is essential because it provides you with the needed reflection and time to consider what you have just accomplished or been through as it seems to you and decide your next adventure. 

It will help you move through this when you understand the next cycle is indeed an adventure. Seek to embrace it.


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