Self-love is a choice

July 13, 2023

Self-love is a choice. It is also the goal you set for yourself during your physical life experience. No one can make that choice for you, and it is one you make with every thought you hold about yourself and with every judgment you have chosen to believe that said you were inadequate.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012, for we knew where you might find yourself and the world now. You choose self-love when you accept and understand the significance of your life journey. No insignificant souls were ever born, but you are the one who decides.

Your choice now is more consequential than you might have known, for when you choose to love yourself, you place an energy of light and love into your life and your planet, which is the purpose of this restructuring. It is also why we planned our live conversation on Monday, for your planet will have another opportunity for your self-love to transform your world. 

July 13, 2012

The timing of all events, circumstances, and situations that show up in your physical life experience is always perfect for you. It is perfect because it provides clues, so to speak, of the Divine Plan laid for you.

You often do not notice this, for you have learned the habit of being impatient and lacking trust. Yes, they are indeed habits that have been reinforced for many years throughout your life.

When you honestly attempt to notice the timing, its perfection will become evident. It can even be in the most minor situations or moments, but that is enough for you to begin to trust the integrity of your physical life journey.


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