You never evolve instantly

July 12, 2023

You never evolve instantly. We mean both you and your world. You accomplish both tasks the same way by raising your consciousness. You do this individually and collectively, for they are the same.

You may not be aware of the eternal nature of your being, so dramatic changes in your life and the world can bring up more fear, which is why we have given you an ascension guide. 

The evolution of your planet occurs when more of you understand and accept the importance of your existence and the contributions you have made to the earth by the lives you choose to live and especially the difficulties you choose to endure and overcome. Now your planet will have fewer collective lower energies to move through.

You may not have accepted that premise which is also the reason for our live conversation with you Monday. You will reach a critical place of transformation in your life and world, and we always want to advise and prepare you for your ascension.

You will question how we gave you pertinent information on this date in 2012, and that is because you are limited by linear time, but when you use that human concept wisely, you can accomplish anything. 

July 12, 2012

Gradually you become you. This statement will help make you more aware of the expansion process and hopefully alleviate some of your self-imposed judgment.

You often find yourself sitting in judgment of your thoughts, deeds, and actions with the accusation that you should have known better. In truth, had you known better, there would have been no need for any expansion or evolvement at all.

You decided to live in a physical world that operates on linear time precisely so that you might experience that gradual transformation; in that manner, it becomes known, owned, and actualized by you.


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