Your birth was the gift

May 31, 2023

Your birth was the gift. We wanted you to understand no more important message than this one and the one we provided in 2012. You each come into the world at a specific time to evolve and contribute to your world through your innate contribution. That is the gift within each of you. 

While you do have to move through some challenges and difficulties, that was the agreement you made because if you were to do that, not only would your life become what you wanted, you would contribute to the world at this time of restructuring. It is why we have given you all of our work and are holding our live conversation with you Sunday. And this message is the one we desire you to accept. When you do, you will change your life and your world.

May 31, 2012

There is no more rewarding or fulfilling experience that you have while in physical form than when you are in the process of giving your gift. Your gift is that innate portion of you or your personality that impacts others and yourself.

You always know what that gift is when you are willing to see and accept it. You often attempt to ignore it, for you might wonder why you possess this gift. When you remember that every soul comes to the physical plane with their unique gift, you will become more willing to accept and use yours. It is a very natural progression in your expansion.


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