You are attempting to become more

May 27, 2023

You are attempting to become more. The more of which we speak is your authentic self. The self within you is a particle of God, the Universe, and all that is. You are never separated from that state of existence by you forget that when you have a physical life experience, as does your world. You exist to aid in the ascension of your planet at this time, which is why we called it your restructuring.  

You each carry the ability to own more of who you are, but that requires you to move beyond what you did not understand before and how you judged and put yourself and others down to feel more powerful. 

It is a planetary ascension that can only occur through you. When you decide to love who you are, honor your gifts and bring them to the world. Your planet will accomplish its ascension with your help. 

We gave you our information in 2012 because that was another moment when your planet shifted in awareness that each of you was meant to carry forward now. You exist in an evolution of consciousness always. But, it is up to you to own your part, which is to love yourself and understand everything you have done in your life had meaning and purpose to be actualized now.

You will now understand why we said you would never feel you are enough. You are meant to think that now.

May 27, 2012

There will always be some area of your physical life experience, or some part of you, where you feel you never have enough or are not enough. Accepting this condition as a normal and natural part of your expansion process will make you less likely to judge yourself, halting that expansion.

You sought to have some areas of your life where you always felt you could do, be, or become more; that is what you think of as motivation. It can sometimes cause you to feel deflated, so to speak, when you recognize you have received something you desired but lacked the feeling of fulfillment. Begin to acknowledge that feeling as a nudge to do even more.


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