The word potential is meaningless

May 26, 2023

The word potential is meaningless. You heard it your entire life, and you question whether or not you are fulfilling yours. Or you might even wonder what it might be and if you were given one. You were, and it is meant to be actualized now.

You fulfill your potential when you deliberately decide to move beyond your personally held lack of belief and fear. You accomplish that goal in your consciousness or mindset, which takes time and effort to develop.  

You exist now to fulfill your potential to create the life and world you want. It is why we have given you an ascension guide, as we knew these times would be challenging for all of your as you must release your past and become willing to accept something new. Which requires that step into the unknown of who you are and what you and your world might manifest, which can only come through you.

We gave a message on this date in 2012, but your consciousness has evolved enough that you will understand it today. You never did anything wrong or missed the boat, and your potential awaits your fulfillment. 

May 26, 2012

Blind faith means that as you move through your physical life experience, you hold to the idea that no matter what is occurring, you know it is for your highest good. It is indeed blind as you move through it, for you do not possess the current moment awareness to judge or assess the current circumstances and events.

When you can hold to this idea, you experience the peace you always seek and move through any particular fear you may have had. You come to find out that more and more of your life purpose is moving through fear, for that is the way to expansion.


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