Self-judgment will block your ascension

April 21, 2023

Self-judgment will block your ascension. Every soul comes to the physical plane intending to expand or ascend, which can only be accomplished when you decide to release your old ideas about yourself or who you could become. 

You exist at a time in your world when you must also contend with your planetary ascension. The next period in your world will cause each of you to examine your pasts for reconciliation, so a reckoning is needed, which you are about to enter.

We provided guidance on this day ten years ago in our ascension guide, which we mentioned in our live conversation the other night. We want you to live your best life and offer your essence, light, and love to yourself and your world. 

April 21, 2013

You can’t hold judgment and expand at the same time. This principle is a Universal Law that always exists. It would help you to understand the terminology used here. A judgment means that you have placed a value judgment on something as being either good or bad. On the other hand, expansion means total acceptance of what is, so judgment never enters the picture.

There is also a difference between a judgment and a preference. You are always entitled to your preferences, for they cause you to feel good when you choose them, and you have not used judgment. 

Your first place of judgment is usually placed upon you. You will judge some aspect of who you are, including your words, actions, behaviors, physical appearance, or anything else that is inherently you, and thereby block the expansion that is there because everything about you has meaning and purpose, or it would not be there. 

You continually operate with limited awareness but always reach new awareness when you release judgment. Apply your logical thinking. 


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