You have evolved

April 20, 2023

You have evolved. You each do that as you live your physical experience and do so in your consciousness. It is a continual process for each of you, but it has been heightened due to the restructuring of your world.

It will be different for each of you, but the goal is always for you to become your authentic self. We guided you on this day ten years ago, but it might surprise some of you who you could become. You will become comfortable with your new self, which was your intention on your life journey. We guided your ascension journey.

April 20, 2013

As you move through your physical life experience, you are in a constant state of evolving. This process was precisely your intention and why you desired to take this journey. Many times this process will feel uncomfortable to you because each and every step of the way, you are moving into unknown territory, so to speak. 

You learned to fear that unknown from a very early age, and most times, that was an inadvertent result of those guiding you in an attempt to protect you. As you evolve, you begin to understand that protection is no longer necessary. To experience evolution truly, you must become comfortable with that unknown, which is letting go of the fear. 

So now, a fully evolved being has become completely comfortable in their own skin. This process is what you are up to. 


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