You must accept your worth

March 31, 2023

You must accept your worth. Every soul is born with worth and inherent value, but it also must be discovered, accepted, and owned by you. We wanted you to recognize your authentic self, for all abundance is there. 

We also said you exist in your world at this time to experience a restructuring so your evolution continues and you aid your planet’s ascension. That can only occur when you offer your essence to yourself and the world. 

Your world took another step in the direction of expansion yesterday. We said the United States would lead the way in this transition, which is also why we planned our Sunday chat. We want more of you empowered and abundant, and we gave you advice ten years ago. Please heed it today. 

March 31, 2013

Your first responsibility is always to yourself. You have struggled with this concept throughout your physical life experience because you have attempted to gain value and worth by believing that your first responsibility was to others. You thought if you made a different choice, you would somehow be perceived as selfish or egotistical. That approach is quite arrogant, for you are attempting to take away the responsibility and free will of choice that others have for their own lives and experiences. 

When you make choices and decisions based on what is best for you and become willing to take responsibility for your expansion, all others benefit as well, for you are all one. 

This principle is also why everyone expands when you seek to find win-win solutions in any situation. 


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