Love yourself more now

March 30, 2023

Love yourself more now. We say now because you typically only do that in increments because the other times, you are judging yourself for what you have done or not done previously. You exist at a time in your evolution and that of your world where the power of love to transform your life and the world is needed now.

It is why we have provided all our work and Sunday chats. We want more of you to accept your importance and let go of your self-judgment. Many of you were ready to give up before you reached the epiphany. Others have been too fearful, and loving your authentic self will alleviate that emotional pain. We gave you something ten years ago that you will understand and utilize today. 

We are pointing this out because each of you has a divine plan that is unfolding now, and your belief in your worthiness is needed, and we want you to stop hiding who you are.

March 30, 2013

Choosing to live inside your comfort zone will also curtail your expansion. You can think of your comfort zone as everything you have experienced, felt, attempted, thought, and created until this moment. 

Those are all the things known to you. If you desire to expand and evolve continually, you must become willing to step outside of your erected comfort zone. The only thing that prevents you from doing so is fear or your built-in need to comply or conform with what is already established and known by you and your world. 

This process requires you to become willing to trust in the integrity of your physical life experience and let go of your attachment to anything physical. One of your biggest obstacles is the fear of judgment, and judgment of any nature has nothing to do with the real you. 


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