You are evolving

March 5, 2023

You are evolving. It is you and your planet which is why you exist. It would not be possible for your world to ascend to its higher dimension without you. What you came to offer your world is much more vital now, and once you accept your gift, you will aid your evolutionary journey and contribute to your world as you intended. 

You accomplish all your goals by overcoming doubts, judgments, and false beliefs about your insignificance. Everything you have lived in your life was significant and purposeful, and when you do all you can to love and embrace who you are, you and your world will ascend to a higher state of awareness and existence.

Nothing is occurring accidentally, and we provided a message on this date ten years ago to awaken you to your journey. We had Roger release an interview yesterday that proves our point. Once you remove your resistance to becoming yourself, you will have the life and world you want. 

March 5, 2013

You are never the same person from moment to moment, day to day, or year to year. You continually have experiences as you desired, and every experience causes you to become different or more. As you move from being one person to the next, you go through what you might think of as a transition or transit. Those times can be unsettling for you because they are unknown, and the feeling of that uneasiness, if you will, is purposeful as you get to pay attention and notice what is occurring in your own life experience. 

The unknown feeling can cause you to feel a bit fearful, but it is what you desired precisely, for that is the only manner in which you expand.

The Ultimate Transition is when you decide to leave your physical body. 


Here’s the interview.

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