You were supposed to change things

February 21, 2023

You were supposed to change things. That is the condition into which you are born, no matter when that might have been. You came to the world to offer something new that would cause your world to become better, and it is within you. When you do not allow yourself to recognize your worth and value and what you came to offer, you continue the old limited thinking and paradigms that no longer serve you or the world.

All the work we have given you was to aid you in actualizing who you are meant to become because it will make a tremendous difference in your life, and that action affects your world. You each hold the same ability to manifest and create the life and world you want. Still, you also carry old generational limitations, many of which you are unaware of, but others you’ve held yourself and have known you were doing so. We gave you this information in our live conversation Sunday, but it might make more sense today.

We provided a message on this date ten years ago that today you each might act upon, and that is to break your old limiting patterns. 

February 21, 2013

An idea that you have carried for a great deal of your physical life experience is that of being careful. You remember being told when you were younger there was a way others operated that you were to follow. You equated that to not wanting to hurt yourself physically, but the concept itself took on a life of its own and began enveloping other areas of your life. 

You inadvertently started being careful not to disturb the new you that you have come to know. That also prevented you from exploring your own expansion, for it entered an unknown realm for you. This manner of being causes you to shut down, so to speak, many other areas of your life, and then you experience the consequence of your very actions. Now a little reckless abandon would be welcome. 


Here is the recording from Sunday. It is also your call to action.

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