We gave you a pathway to the fifth dimension

February 16, 2023

We gave you a pathway to the fifth dimension. We have referred to this period on your planet as your restructuring, and you exist at this time to aid in that purpose by allowing yourself to become all that you can become and to love yourself unconditionally. 

We have provided messages for several decades designed to raise your consciousness and awareness so you might experience the life you want. That process requires you to release your old, outdated ideas about who you could become and what your world could be, for your contribution is essential and needed now.

You could not have known you would exist at this time, but your soul did know and provided you with the experiences and circumstances of your life that would allow you to ascend to higher states of being if you become willing to move through your limited thinking. 

You continually move through evolutions of consciousness in your world, but none that you would remember or have experienced in physical form, which is why many of you experienced heightened levels of fear. There is much of that occurring now, which is why we are moving things up a bit in the hope that more of you decide to become your magnificent selves, for it is all within you. 

You were born with something to offer the world that would allow it to become more, but that only occurs if you become willing to acknowledge and own your authentic self and allow yourself to become more and succeed. You are connected to God, Source, or all that is, and no connection is more important than yours. 

Many on your planet at this time are doing work similar to ours. But we gave our work through Roger, which we did in written form, for it will be the most personal for you. It causes a permanent change in your consciousness, for we have used your neuroscience discoveries. You know how to change and transform your life; it only takes your willingness. 

Throughout your world’s history, mystics, sages, and philosophers come along to offer you guidance like Roger. But you are to use that information to live a magnificent life to pass your wisdom and knowledge to others. That is how you and your world evolve, which is why you are here now. 


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