Self-acceptance will always be your only challenge

February 15, 2023

Self-acceptance will always be your only challenge. You each come to the world with something to offer and develop so you might expand in your evolution and then provide what you have gained to your world. You achieve your goal by accomplishing what is in front of you now. 

We gave you a message ten years ago on the subject, but now, you might be more willing to hear us due to the restructuring of your life and world. The world needs the gifts you came to offer, and they arrive when you move through your self-imposed limitations and decide to thrive.

We will post that message here, but we also went a step further, and as you put the two together, you will be less likely to judge yourself for what you have yet to accomplish and why you thought you were not one to achieve your goal. You were, and now is the time to do so. 

We will leave a recording of a live session we had with you several months ago, which none of you have heard, as Roger also had difficulty with self-acceptance. But now it is time for you all to thrive.

February 15, 2013

The thing in front of you that you desire to accomplish and you believe offers you the most significant challenge is precisely the one to undertake. Sometimes you hesitate to do this because your focus has been on the destination rather than the journey.

You always intended to experience the journey, for that can only be done in your moment of now, and all experience is what leads you to the expansion you sought. You may not reach whatever particular destination you have in mind, but the knowledge and wisdom you gain along the way are most important.

Your fear of taking on this thing is caused by your future projection and not living now.


You will understand everything in this recording.

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