You will understand more of your evolutionary journey today

January 22, 2023

You will understand more of your evolutionary journey today. You have that opportunity each day, but today is a much more energetic day, and more of you might notice and hear us.

We have said we would reveal more in our live conversation today, but first, we will give you a message we provided in 2013 to ponder. We will disclose what we said in 2012 during our live conversation as you rely on linear time to keep track of your physical life progression, but we will aid you in your soul’s progression, for that is why you are alive now. 

You came to add to the planetary ascension, which you will only accomplish when you love yourself and your journey. 

January 22, 2013

You might think of inspiration as ideas, thoughts, hunches, or intuition that appear to you from unknown sources; or Spirit and Infinite Intelligence. Now because they come to you from those unknown sources, you might tend to dismiss them because of your underlying and learned fear of the unknown.

You also may further that fear because of the thought of judgment or criticism from others because these ideas and thoughts have come to you. Your current moment awareness and wisdom will tell you when you decide to listen to them that that very unexplored unknown that is appearing to you holds your path to further expansion.  


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