You can stop denying who you are today

January 21, 2023

You can stop denying who you are today. We said today because it is an energetic time on your planet which is also why we planned our live conversation with you tomorrow. You will also notice we did that intentionally on your lunar new year. 

But we also advised you on this date in 2013, for we knew some of you would still hold back your progress by continuing to doubt who you are and your importance in the world. Everything we have given you is to that end as you move through your planetary ascension. We have used a ten-year timeline because we know your reliance on linear time. 

None of you knew who you would become, but it is before you, and like Roger, you all must own your mission to love yourselves, offer your unique contribution to your world, and become willing to drop your past and ancestral limitations and judgments. There will be much more tomorrow. 

January 21, 2013

You allowed all the events of your physical life experience to occur. This concept is one of the most difficult for you to accept and understand, and it is also one of the most empowering. 

First, the word allowed was used to imply that this was a decision you made before you came into physical form, so it is not part of your current awareness. You did not necessarily know what events or situations would occur in advance, but you did know that all of them would help you expand, which was your only goal. 

When you begin to accept even a portion of this concept, you no longer feel victimized by your life experience; you accept all that comes to you, knowing you are in that process of expansion and continually feel more powerful.  


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